Timeless Tales: anthology with 21 folktales told by Syrian refugees launched

Illustration Design Hajo. Ur antologi
The Horse’s Head, a tale told by Moumen Nawaf, 17 years, currently residing in Wadi Az Zeneh in Lebanon. From the anthology Timeless Tales. Illustrator: Saad Hajou

The overall objective of the project ’al-Hakawati – The Storyteller’ and the production of the antology is to spread knowledge about the Syrian folktales gathered and to bring them to life. A clear purpose is to increase the knowledge of Syrian history and cultural diversity without emphasizing the differences.

The cover of the anthology with folk tales illustartions is made by Saad Hajou.

The anthology contains 21 Syrian folk tales that are told of Syrian refugees, both children, young and elder peoplemen and women. The film (53 minutes) with a collage of raw films from the collection of the tales here


Watch the documentary about the Al-Hakawati project with interviews with persons involved in the project. Produced by Anna-Viola Hallberg.

The al Hakawati project is financed by The Swedish Postcode Lottery