Zemaljski Muzej opened again after three years

Zemaljski Museum Photo_PerKåksThe National Museum of BiH is opened again, after it was closed for three years. CHwB and the National Museum of BiH have started a successful cooperation 15 years ago.

The National Museum in Sarajevo is the largest of its kind in the Balkans with extensive archaeological, ethnological and natural science collections and a vikitigt scientific library. During the war it was located directly on the front line but by evacuating the collections staff managed to save them. Cultural Heritage without Borders began to help the museum back in 1996 and has since supported the museum. Efforts have applied equipment, repairs of exhibitions, restoration of the building and staff training. In addition to the funds raised have CHwB since 1999, received a grant from Sida. An extensive restoration of the museum lasted for several years from 2000.

During 2015, the campaign ’I am the Museum’ was launched with the aim to remind the public that the most important museum in BiH has been closed for three years. The results of the campaign was to change the public image of the National museum, to point to an unsustainable  situation which employees of the Museum were faced. In media, worldwide and regional, the campaign was spread. The efforts resulted in reopening of the museum September 15. The campaign ’I am the Museum’ was organized by the nongovernmental sector, as part of the project of sustainability and civil society and civil society support and USAID.

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