We celebrate our 20th anniversary!

CHwB was constituted in April 1995 as a reaction to the systematic destruction of cultural monuments and objects that took place during the war in former Yugoslavia and the urgent need for development assistance and protection. Today CHwB still works in the western Balkans but also in others regions.

While embarking on its third decade of activity, CHwB unveiled a new celebratory logo, which will be used by CHwB and all it´s offices in the Western Balkan region for anniversary markings, events and publications. Throughout this year CHwB will carry out several awareness and information initiatives.

Protection and preservation of cultural heritage is of enormous importance for the development of any society. Since the founding, CHwB has worked with cultural heritage as an active force in reconciliation, peace building, social and economic development in countries around the world,”
says Ing-Marie Munktell, the chairperson of CHwB.

Cultural Heritage without Borders with a secretariat in Stockholm and three local offices in Western Balkans, namely in

•    Albania, working with regional restoration camps and museum cooperation and region’s landmarks of Communist-era heritage,
•    Bosnia and Herzegovina, working on a variety of restoration projects and museum-related activities,
•    Kosovo, where the focus is to utilise cultural heritage in promoting the public participation as a precondition for local development and reconciliation.

The Western Balkan offices will become autonomous CHwB foundations in each country during 2015 whereas branding, values and common mission is regulated through joint agreements.

The new CHwB Foundations will continue their work in the Western Balkans and new geographic areas will also broaden the scope of work.

CHwB will continue to improve the conditions and the opportunities to enjoy cultural freedom and cultural diversity and continue using cultural heritage as a tool to promote human rights, peace building and democratic development.