Kosovo: The Tourist Information Office Opens Up in Gjakova

As of 15th September 2014, Gjakova in its historic zone of the city, at the “Grand Bazaar”, nearby the Hadum Mosque will have the Tourist Information Office, which was opened with the support of the Municipality of Gjakova and Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB), office in Kosovo. In an organized ceremony event, an opening speech was held by the Mayor, Mrs. Mimoza Kusari Lila, who said that the office opens after continuous efforts to include Gjakova in the tourist map of the region.


“This is the largest bazaar in the Balkans and it has special values, because here are the Mosque, Tekke and the Church, and these are the values ​​of the Albanian nation. Also the handicrafts are here, which is another reason why this bazaar was founded and it exists, and we do not want to have imported souvenirs here, but only those that are produced by the golden hands of our artisans” claimed Mayor Mimoza Kusari-Lila, who further, with regards to the economic development, has announced that the Municipality of Gjakova has allocated a fund for small and medium enterprises.

Sali Shoshi, Director of CHwB, Kosovo Office congratulated opening of the Tourist Information Office on behalf of CHwB, who besides citing investments carried out in cultural and historical  heritage in Gjakova, also underlined that the cooperation with the Municipality of Gjakova and local organizations will continue further, given that Gjakova contains a rich cultural and historic heritage.