Restoration camps in Kosovo and Albania finished

RRC Gjirokastra2015

The two Regional Restoration Camps are finished after 10 days of intensive work with artifacts and buildings.

Altogether 30 students and young professionals from Albania and the Western Balkans gathered in the World heritage-listed city of Gjirokastra in southern Albania in ten days of intense training and practice in conservation and management of cultural heritage.

Mitrovica 3 Rest läger sep2015

Parallell with the camp in Gjirokastra, another group of 15 students and professionals participated at the Regional Restoration Camp, Mitrovica in Kosovo. The Camp in Kosovo was held in the Museum of Mitrovica which holds one of the most important collections in Kosovo. Mitrovica is a city which offersa mix of the Albanian, Serbian, Turkish and Roma Cultural and with many religious influences.

Participants worked with practical hand-on experience with preservation of the museum’s artifacts, methods of documentation and got lectures in Interpretation.

The Regional Restoration Camp (RRC) is organized by Cultural Heritage without Borders Albania and provides lectures and hands-on opportunities in the restoration and conservation methods, using traditional materials and techniques.