Pilot storytelling project with young migrants

Together with Fabula Storytelling and the municipality of Norberg, Cultural Heritage without Borders is working towards new methods of integration of newly arrived migrants. On the 3rd and 4th of November 2015 the bi-lingual show al-Hakawati will we performed together with a workshop for Swedish for Beginners students and locals living in Norberg, who together will be given the opportunity to share their stories. The objective is to give newly arrived migrants and local swedes new opportunities to meet and to give them a base to form their community on.

The al-Hakawati project started in 2014 with the objective to use Syrian traditional folktales with a history stretching back thousands of years, as a reconciliation tool in the conflict afflicted Syria. The storytelling tradition is a great part of the country’s cultural heritage, and the project has focused on working with sympathy and understanding beyond ethnicity and religiosity. The al-Hakawati project has been carried out in three parts: one anthology publication containing Syrian folktales in both english and arabic, a performance with tales from the publication, and one traveling exhibition connected to the performance. The workshop in Norberg has developed from the project and is regarded as an important part of the local integration process.

You can read more about the al-Hakawati project following this link.