Kenya: Youth for Peace – conference & celebration event


The first ever Youth for Peace conference will take place in Nairobi on August 25 & 26. Young people from across Kenya will gather to share their experiences and projects related to the role of youth in peacebuilding.

Kenya is a hugely diverse country with many communities. It has a long tradition of using traditional objects to build peace and to encourage dialogue. Peace clubs are a growing phenomenon in Kenya and the Community Peace Museums and Heritage Foundation (CPMHF) is constantly working to support and deepen peace education. Kenya is a young country and the role of youth in this process is vital.

With the support of the Swedish Institute’s Creative Force programme and in partnership with CHwB, CPMHF hard organized a celebration of creative peacebuilding through cultural heritage. The Youth for Peace project has been running since 2014 and many hundreds of young people have been involved.

For details of the event and the project, please contact
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