’Journeys of Peace’ – final workshop in Nairobi

The Swedish Ambassador to Kenya, Johan Borgstam, delighted participants by attending the final workshop of Journeys of Peace. The meeting was held at Mtaani University, also known as the ’University of the Slums’, in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. He congratulated both partners, Cultural Heritage without Borders and the Community Peace Museums Foundation.

Ambassador-JoP-‘I salute you for trying to get Kenyan communities involved in peace building. I am humble standing before you because what you are trying to achieve you are doing in an extremely difficult context. Your work is more important than ever.’  said the ambassador Johan Borgstam.

He  noted the challenges facing Kenya, including the challenges to democracy, human rights and inter-ethnic tensions. He praised Journeys of Peace for ‘creating knowledge in communities about other communities. What feeds suspicion of other communities is ignorance. Ignorance breeds hatred. But it’s very difficult to despise and hate people when you know them.’

Journeys of Peace reached over 4000 people across Kenya through a travelling exhibition, dialogue and education sessions. Women, children and men from diverse communities explored the common traditions of peace building and heritage through artefacts, the environment and intangibles such as song and food. The impact of the project has been significant and real steps towards peace have been achieved.

Journeys of Peace was funded by the Swedish Institute.