CHwB on Swedish television about our love for modern ruins


Tuesday the 3rd of November the Swedish television program Kobra on SVT will send their third episode of the season, featuring Spaç prison in north east of Albania. Cultural Heritage without Borders has since 2014 carried out work regarding the prison, aiming to emphasise former inmates stories and memories from the prison, which today is regarded as a dark modern cultural heritage site. The site is now listed on the World Monuments Fund’s list of cultural heritage at risk – the 2016 World Monuments Watch.

Svt Kobra
Stavri Burda, Mirian Bllaci and Lejla Hadzic from CHwB Albania with Lina Thomsgård from Swedish Television.

WMF is a private nonprofit organisation founded in 1965 with the aim to preserve cultural treasures all over the world. Their work has so far been of great success, and to highlight the destruction of irreplaceable cultural heritage the list World Monuments Watch was founded in 1995. The listing is of great importance when directing resources for the preservation of sites in need which are  highly regarded for their universal, national and local heritage values.

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