Albania & Kosovo: Regional Restoration Camps 13 – 27 September

startbild_n The 19th RRC in Gjirokastra will focus primarily on building conservation, heritage management and interpretation, while the 20th RRC in Mitrovica will be about the conservation of movable objects and interpretation within a museum setting.

10176093_668820593155934_1883973313868636796_n GJIROKASTRA CAMP (13 – 27 SEPT, Albania) 19th camp Building conservation  |  Heritage management  |  Interpretation Practical work:

  •     Dalipi house – survey
  •     Vaso Naka house – restoration of the roof of the entrance door
  •     Qemo Lani, bazaar shop – plaster works
  •     Selami Kore house – plaster works

Lecture themes:

  •     Gjirokastra as a part of Albanian Heritage
  •     Cultural Heritage Conservation – Introduction
  •     Introduction to Interpretation
  •     Principles and Tools for Documentation
  •     A Historical Building and Its Value
  •     Environmental impact – additional argument for using organic materials
  •     Lime Mortars & Renders
  •     Earth Architecture and Mud Plasters
  •     Importance of Historical Crafts
  •     Stone in historical structures, characteristics & failure
  •     Timber as historical material; Adequate repairs of historic timber
  •     Interpretation of Historical Sites – Introduction & Theoretical Frameworks; Practical Applications, Use & Relevance
  •     Managing the Historic Urban Landscape
  •     Economical benefits of cultural heritage preservation
  •     Free hand drawing classes at Skenduli House


MITROVICA CAMP (13 – 27 SEPT) 20th Camp

Museum object conservation  |  Interpretation

Practical work:

  • Preventive conservation
  • Textile conservation
  • Organic object conservation
  • Cataloguing objects
  • Hands-on conservation

Lecture themes:

  • Introduction to conservation
  • ’Bringing objects alive’ – Interpretation and communication of heritage
  • Protection and management of movable heritage in Kosovo
  • Challenges of managing a museum in the Balkans
  • Museums as alternative art spaces
  • Museum collections and public inclusion

Our participants are young professionals in architectur, building conservation and restoration. For more information Regional Restoration camps facebook