al-Hakawati performance at Almedalen Week, July 1

Hagberg_Fabula Alaydi_HakayaLOW
Peter Hagberg from Fabula Storytelling and Ahmed Alaydi from Hakaya Storytelling network.

Al-Hakawati, the Syrian storytelling will be performed at Almedalen,
Wednesday July 1 at 12.30-13.30
Gotland Museum
Address: Strandgatan 14 in Visby. Map
Free admission
Almedalen program 2015

Syrian tales and legends enrich the culture and the mutual integration. CHwB wants the Al-Hakawati project to bring  life to the traditional Syrian storytelling, a heritage that has a strong identity and provide a basis for understanding and accepting differences in our society. A diversity of cultural heritage enriches Sweden and fosters integration in a double sense.

The Syrian storytelling performance is as part of Cultural Heritage without Borders Syrian storytelling project. It will be held in Swedish and in Arabic.

See you in Almedalen, in Visby, Gotland!

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Gotland Museum, Strandgatan 14, Visby